Welcome to Keeping Track, a Women in Sport Podcast

Welcome to Keeping Track, a Women in Sport Podcast

Welcome to Keeping Track, a Women in Sport PodcastWelcome to Keeping Track, a Women in Sport PodcastWelcome to Keeping Track, a Women in Sport Podcast

About Us

Alysia Montano racing the US Championships 800m 
with her baby bump

Alysia Montano

Alysia Montano is a 2012 Olympian for Team USA in the 800m, and a 3 time global medalist and American Record holder in the 800m and indoor 600m. She is a Momma to 2(+) babies and an advocate for Dream Maternity and Clean Sport. She's a Cali girl,  calling in from the Bay Area.

Roisin mcGettigan hurdling a steeple barrier at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Roisin McGettigan

Roisin is a 2008 Olympic finalist  and Irish record holder in the 3000m steeplechase. She is the Co-Owner of BelieveIAm training journals and practices sports psychology consulting and counseling. She recently launched Dare to Believe , an Olympic values  school program in Ireland. Ro is an Irish Mammy to two girls and lives in Providence, RI.

Molly winning the 2015 NYC Half-Marathon

Molly Huddle

Molly is a 2 time Olympian for Team USA in the 5000 and 10000m and American Record holder in the 10000m and half marathon. 28 x National champions. She is currently chasing Marathon dreams as a pro runner for Saucony. Molly Splits time between Scottsdale, AZ and Providence RI.

Podcast Episode List


Episode 4- NYT Journalist and runner Lindsay Crouse

We talk to Lindsay about her impactful work at the Times and the seismic effect her two video Op-Ed's on Dream Maternity and Mary Cain have had on women's sports so far.https://open.spotify.com/episode/1N9vdtHW6FUrbgKtEiZiwG?si=hSO45bVPTsi8aYdTczH8qg


Episode 5 Emma Coburn

stay tuned for next week's episode with 2019 IAAF silver medal steeple woman , Emma Coburn!



Episode 6 Tianna Bartoletta

Stay tuned for next weeks chat with Tianna Bartoletta, 2005 and 2015 long jump gold medalist and oh yeah worbobsled that one time. She has great insights and blogs so check her out at Tiannabee.com !



Episode 7- Emily Sisson

Check out our delightful chat with Emily!  2:23 Marathoner, NB athlete, Golden Retriever lover (and Molly's training partner) !



Episode 8-Meet Marathon Loving Obsie Birru

We catch up on site in Sacramento with the top American and second overall woman from the 2019 CIM Marathon, Obsie Birru. Ro went to Cali to check out the Olympic Trials Qualifying Action and Obsie PR's by 5 mins! She talks about her Ethiopian Heritage and how she finds joy, balance and connection to others through running. 



Episode 9- Shalane Flanagan on Coaching, Cooking and Caring

We talk with Shalane Flanagan on her recent transition from a 15 year distance running career as one of the best in the world to coaching the Bowerman Team, her recent knee surgeries, her series of cookbooks , about recent events at Nike and about advocating for yourself. 



Ep 10 Celeste Goodson of ReCORE Fitness and our New Year catch up

we do a long catch up that touches on the place of female athletes in the last decade, and on finding our voices. We talk to our guest Celeste as a resource for returning to run post partum by regaining core control and strengrth. https://open.spotify.com/episode/0wnAMtgFW7ME3LI7k6m4D2?si=5vdP5wKGSNCfSmdPzSBIDQ


Episode 11: Dawn Harper Nelson

We speak with 100m hurdle Olympic gold and silver medalist Dawn Harper Nelson about her shocking rise to Olympic Champion, to becomming one of the best ever in the event, to facing negative media comments, how she is finding her voice outside of track and on coming back from childbirth and coming out of retirement and  racing into 2020 .



Episode12 Ayesha McGowan: Breaking Barriers in Cycling

We talk with Ayesha McGowan, the first African American Female Professional Road Cyclist on her advocy for more diversity and inclusion in cycling, making space for herself in this world  and her hopes going forward. 



Ep 13 Marielle Hall: 5k and 10k expertise 🏃🏿‍♀️

We talk to NCAA champ, Olympian and Bowerman 5k/10k specialist Marielle Hall about how she got into the sport, why the low popularity of distance running among black Americans, what her plans are after running and more!


Aliphine Tuliamuk: US Olympic Trials Champion!

Aliphine tells us about being a Kenyan-American, how a woman's life is different in Kenya vs USA,  how she overcame injury to triumph in Atlanta and why she started her side hustle of crochet.



ep 15-The pregnant Marathon Racers:Lauren Philbrook and Rachel Hyland

Lauren Philbrook and Rachel Hyland talk about their decisions to run the US Marathon Olympic Trials while pregnant, what it represented and ow it was recieved,as well as the sisterhoodof support they've shared over the years.

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