Keeping-Track offers specially designed Emergency Identification KIts which contain vital information about your children or loved one.  We have over 20 years experience teaching, encouraging, and developing children to be healthy and safe individuals.  Our "carry-about pouches" are designed for the adult to wear.  They are instrumental to the well-being of children of every age in all levels of schooling...from day-care through middle school.  The Emergency Identification KIt can be used for your own personal use and with those important loved ones while traveling, hiking, and skiing, etc.  Church leaders who would be responsible for youth groups while on outings or mission trips will find it comforting to know they are prepared if an accident occurs.  Senior services, transport services, and anyone else who is responsible for the safety of others while traveling off their premises, whether it be in a car, walking, train, plane or boat will find this to be the safest way to keep the vital information at your finger tips. All of the information contained in the pouch is essential in an emergency situation. 

Keep them happy...Keep them safe...Keep Track.